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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Gray?

Day 215

I think that any time a theme can be implemented, well, "Just Do It." The Olympics has a pretty easy theme to follow- your own country's colors. Shouldn't be a problem for the good old U. S. of A! What could be more patriotic, more festive, easier than the tried and true red, white and blue? This is a picture of our United States Olympic Gold-Medal winning gymnastic team--the U.S. Fab 5-- sporting GRAY. Huh?

According to the St. Louis Post, Nike felt that the gray "glows on the medal stand and lets the audience see just how bright America's athletes can shine." I have looked and looked at this photo. I've squinted and covered one eye. I even tried blocking out the other teams. I see no glowing whatsoever. I see a sad, uninspired look. The Russian suits are really interesting. The Romanian suits are suitably Olympic. Yet here we are, the greatest country in the world, drab.

To make it to the Olympics it takes nearly unfathomable effort and dedication. To win a medal, nearly super-human. And we reward them by sending them to the medal stand looking booor-ing. It's not right. In the moment of their greatest glory, I think that we owe them a rockin', super-patriotic, amazing outfit. Well, at least that.

There is speculation that the true reason Nike supplied these ho-hum jackets is the potential sale-ability after the Olympics. While I'm sure the jacket technically cool, it will sell for $450. That's pretty darn steep for an ugly jacket. I say we band together and say NO! No, Nike! We will not buy your ugly warm-up jacket. Not even on sale. We demand style. We demand color. We demand patriotism. C'mon, Nike, Just Do It.

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