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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sanctuary for Ed

Day 228

This is Ed. After a run-in with a neighborhood cat, Ed needed a place to hang out. The neighbor gals felt that my garden, with it fence and locked gate (and awesome color scheme?), may be a good sanctuary. They took this lovely bird to the Michigan Humane Society where it was confirmed that Ed is not injured, he just needs rest and to perhaps grow a little. I did not give him the name, by the way, my friend Sydney did.

My garden is having limited success. Lots of tomatoes, green onions, kale, peppers and squash, but there is plenty of room for a bird and it's crate/infirmary. I added a few decorative touches so he feels comfortable in his surroundings. 

Strange how I couldn't get Ed out of my head last night. I must have gone out 5 times just be sure he was still O.K. and no intruders breached the fence (my cats, if they ever caught on, would be very curious). He was in the crate, out of the crate, on the edge of the crate. I couldn't sleep until the door of his crate was securely closed for the night. This morning, I ran out and found Ed nestled in the towel provided for his comfort. My husband seems doubtful that Ed will thrive. I, on the other hand, know that Ed is tough. He is a fighter. I can see it in those glossy black eyes. There are great things in store for Ed. If my garden provides a place of respite, then it's a complete success!

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