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Thursday, August 23, 2012

People Magazine Style Watch Fall 2012

Day 235

First of all, I want to apologize to our mail carrier. He's really nice, super-efficient and gives our dog treats. Unfortunately, I have probably contributed to a bad back for him thanks to the incoming fall magazines. That's right, fashionistas-- it's Fall Fashion time. And this year, the magazines are bigger that ever!

Any other year I love this time. Curling up with a thick magazine, post-it notes at the ready, I fantasize about my ultimate fall wardrobe. I'm not sure what it is about the fall, the sweaters and boots, the deep colors or soft layers but fall fashion is intoxicating. Not this year, though.

Still, I have to look so I've decided to study each one. I'll outline the supposed upcoming trends and must-haves to save you a little research. An opinion from me is likely as well. We begin with:
People Magazine Style Watch September 2012 (if you don't want to buy it, grab it in the grocery store line and go to these pages)
Let's look over their list of 10 Fall Must-haves (pages 268-281):
1. Hunter Green: They show head-to-toe looks which resemble the Jolly Green Giant. Proceed with caution!!! Small amounts of hunter green go far. Pass on the hunter green pumps, they will be in the donation bag, I can practically guarantee it!
2. Ankle Strap Heels:  Yes, yes yes. They look amazing and stay on your feet better than pumps (especially for dancing). Beware the giant ankle strap unless your ankles are super thin and your legs are SUPER long. Top pick: the Sigerson Morrison "Bachelor" model, gorgeous.
3. Military Details: This look definitely shows up on these lists every two or three seasons. Ho-hum, except Victoria Beckham's "Officer Collar Fitted" dress on page 271, fierce!!!
4. Trumpet Hems: A "trumpet hem" flares out at the bottom for a flouncy, peplum effect. Not new, but great on a knee length skirt, very flirty. If you are over 25, the mini version screams "rah, rah, rah!" Add pom poms and you've got a look.
5. Dome Bags: Read: bowling bag purse. Then forget it and keep going ...
6. Brocade: Another look that reappears every few seasons. Yes, but moderation please.
7. Jeweled Necklaces: Personally, I am beyond tired of the gargantuan statement necklace. Almost everything on this must-have page looks like it's trying wayyy too hard. I think they are scary.
8. Shift Dresses: YES! And if you don't have, get at least two, they are as comfortable as a nightgown ans look fabulous on any figure.
9. Voluminous Coats: I think a winter coat is one of the most under-rated (in terms of importance) parts of your wardrobe. It's worn so often, yet how many of you wallow through winter in a basic black coat? These coats on page 277 are beautiful bit don't overlook a more fitted version.
10. Patent Leather:  Pumps? Maybe one pair. A dress? not so much ...

They added "5 more things we love" and all are awful, particularly "Animal Motif." As a rule, I repel from anything called "motif."

Bottom line: There is very little listed that we haven't seen before. Check your closets. If these "must-haves" are there, you are ahead of the game. If they aren't, it's probably a style that you don't look good in, stay away. Most of us have a pretty good idea of what looks and feel best on ourselves. Look through the magazines, but please, don't turn away from you own style sense to try a "loafer pump." Please.

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