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Monday, August 20, 2012

Parisian Shoe Sale ... ugh

Day 233

I've been working on a potential product customizing flip flops. I do most of my research online but sometimes I just have to feel the products. This gave me the perfect excuse to visit one of my favorite shoes departments, the one at the Parisian department store. I love this shoe department because it has a great mix of inexpensive brands up to the $200+ variety (I rarely partake of this end of the spectrum, but it's nice to look at and try on in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment). And the sales are AMAZING.

It took a total of 5 minutes to discover that they no longer had any flip flops in stock but I spent 30+ minutes looking through the "yellow tag clearance" shoe selection. I have purchased several yellow tag pairs in the past with mixed results. This sale is 70% of the lowest clearance price. 
For example: This cute pair of yellow platform sandals from Korks was originally $99. They mark them down for clearance slightly then add additional discounts as the season progresses. The price today? $22. Can you see where I would have a problem here?
Another example: These fun Steve Madden sandals were originally $89. Today: $19.80. When you can find a cute style in a good brand, and in your size, well it's something like winning a game, solving a puzzle or finding treasure. It is way more than just buying a pair of shoes.

I examined every yellow-tagged pair in my size without actually trying any on (there's pain, and then there's torture). I am pretty sure there are two pairs I would have bought for sure (unless I was having a particularly good or bad day, in which case it would have been 3 or 4 pairs). 

I tried hard to remember how many pairs of shoes I have taken out of my collection after trying them all on. Strange color, weird fit, odd style, some reason I wore them only once or twice. I noted that these tended to be clearance shoes, yellow tag clearance shoes. I sincerely hope that even if I could, I would have considered these purchases carefully ... but I am not really sure.

If you, on the other hand, are in the market for summer shoes, be sure to stop in Parisian. I can shoe-shop vicariously through you!

 P.S. Ed recovered and "flew the coop!"

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