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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dancing Like The Stars

Day 59
Dancing Like the Stars!

As a confessed reality television competition junkie, I admit I was on the edge of my seat as the new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced. Looks like another wonderful season of costumes, spray tans and celebrity meltdowns. I love it! The talented professional dancers make it seem like anything is possible. If they could turn the likes of Rob Kardashian and Kirstie Alley into dancers, perhaps there is hope for me.

In January, my husband and I decided to enroll in dance class with our good friends. Going in as couples in the informative-yet-fun community education setting, we thought we could learn a few steps and not get too stressed over it. As it turned out, neither husband was available week one. Us gals decided we would check it out sans-husbands. We decided that fitness attire was required since dancing is a physical activity. There were several couples in the class and it turned out that most of the ladies felt the same about the attire. Except out instructor, Cindy, who wore a pretty dress with heels. She mentioned that to really feel the dance, we had to act like we were wearing heels, not our fitness shoes.

Hey! I have a closet full of heels. And dresses! Always the good sport, my friend agreed and we decided we were going for it-- wearing a dress and heels every class. I pulled out my suitable dresses and found eight. My friend picked up a few to round out her collection (yes, I was jealous). What started out as dance lessons has turned into a weekly “date.” We dress up and I am positive we dance better. Our husbands love it and now take us out for dinner and dancing!

I don’t think we will ever look like the Stars dancing on television but we feel like stars. It’s been fun to embrace the whole dancing idea and make it a really great part of our week. Next session, we are hoping some of our other couple friends will join in. 

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