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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who Are You Wearing (that for)?

Day 56
Who Are You Wearing (that for)?

Ahhhh ... awards season! The glamour, the fashion, the red carpet! Often referred to as the Super Bowl Sunday of Fashion, I really couldn’t choose between the two. The question asked over and over again, “Who are you wearing?” This got me to thinking …

The red carpet has become a designer showcase. In many cases, the gown gets more attention that the poor gal wearing it. And, according to my recent special issue of People Style, it takes an entire team to get someone ready for a red carpet moment. Heaven forbid there is any flaw in the package, the fashion reporters pounce like me at a final clearance sale (before challenge, of course)! Still, I watch.  What I want to ask is, “who are you wearing that for?” Are you trying to placate the reporters? Outshine the competition? Woo Hollywood moguls? Become a designer darling? 
Is there any chance you are dressing for yourself?

There is no denying that clothes contribute to how we feel about ourselves. They are our outer packaging, interpreted as a snapshot as to what lies within. Not to say we have to be “red carpet ready” at all times, but it’s a fact. If you want to create an impression, you have to dress the part. The trick is: don’t try to dress the way you think someone else thinks you should. It’s about how you feel.

A recent conversation with my nephew Eric put my entire philosophy in a nutshell. 

 After you get dressed, take a look in the mirror. If you don’t feel a little sassy, a little smug, a little “oh yeah, I got this…” – change your clothes. You know what you feel good in. And when you feel good, feel sassy, feel confident, you will act confident. No team required.  

If my newly limited wardrobe has taught me anything, it is that you don’t need a designer dress, the latest fashion or anything new. Wear what you feel good in. So far this year, I have worn my favorite dress at least 6 times. My best boots at least a dozen times. I feel sassy every time.

I will still be camped out on my sofa Sunday to revel in the red carpet and the entire award show. And, you can bet I’ll be putting my opinions out there on Monday!

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