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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Get Physical

Day 43
Let’s Get Physical

Once upon a time, shorts and any t-shirt were considered acceptable workout wear. I don’t think there was even a category called “fitness wear”. I believe that changed when Olivia Newton John invited us to “Get Physical” in 1981. Leotards, leg warmers and sweat bands were the new “fashion do!” Flashdance inspired us to rip our sweatshirts. Bicycle shorts made it into everyday fashion in the 90s.

Today, entire stores are dedicated to fitness attire. High tech, breathable fabrics keep us comfortable and supported. And stylish. Stores like Athleta offer outfits for every fitness occasion from yoga to marathon running. Colorful, fashionable and functional, the fitness wear available today makes it pretty tough to show up in gym shorts and t-shirt. In return for this addition our wardrobe needs, we have been given the gift of all clothing gifts: the yoga pant.

I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t own at least one pair of yoga pants, the high stretch, ultra comfortable, boot-cut leg pull-on pant available everywhere. The vast majority of the people I know, myself included, don’t even do yoga. We wear them to walk, jog, stretch, clean, shop, do errands and lounge. They are forgiving when you cheat on your diet, accepting when you want to lie around and gracious enough to match many types of tops and jackets. Long live the yoga pant!

Fitness wear was the latest category of my wardrobe to be scrutinized. I have yoga pants in several lengths and a variety of color combinations, but there is real potential for this to be the area of my wardrobe to be depleted before my year is up. I have plenty of supportive tops and shorts. The pants, though, tend to wear out … from overuse. And I don’t mean overuse from exercise. To make it through the remainder of this year, I think I am going to have to reserve my yoga pants for fitness only and depend on other parts of my wardrobe for day to day wear. Perhaps I will be inspired to exercise more. Let’s get physical!

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