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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Challenging Valentine’s Day

Day 46

Okay, I’ll admit it-- I’m getting a bit whiney. This challenge to refrain from all purchases of clothing, shoes and accessories is getting more difficult. The spring fashions are emerging like fresh green buds; I’m looking into my closet and to me, it looks like a pile of dead leaves. I knew it would become more difficult and I think it’s okay to be a little crabby about it.

My family does not like to see me crabby. You know the saying, “when the mom is unhappy …” As Valentine’s Day approached my husband and I decided that an evening out would be a wonderful gift to each other. Last Saturday, we joined our good friends for dinner and salsa dancing. It was fun and lively and romantic all at the same time. Much better than a box of chocolates.

My daughter continues to search for a loophole in my challenge. Can she buy me a gift, loan me something or sneak something into my closet? I try to explain that it’s not about the thing, I am finding that I really need to learn to be happy with what I have. She doesn’t really get it. She still wants to buy me a phone case. What a gal!

On Valentine’s Day morning, I left a card out for my husband. I am purchasing as little as possible, and I guess I really should have made the card but it’s a crazy week, so I bought the card. I returned home that evening from a very full day to a gift bag, one I recognized from my stash of gift bags, on the counter. “I thought we already had Valentine’s Day!” I said (maybe whined). “Just look inside,” my husband said. Wrapped in the (previously used) tissue was my hairbrush and body and foot lotion from my personal supply. The offer was to brush my hair, massage my back and rub my feet. It was perfect. I luxuriated in the special treatment and just glowed knowing that my husband is so supportive and really “gets it.” Who needs a loophole? Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed!

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