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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Super Bowl Edition

Day 33
The Super Bowl Edition

With a viewing audience of over 100 million, the Super Bowl is a super-big day for avid sports fans as well as those looking for a party. I read that the average number of guests at a Super Bowl party is 17 (I can’t confirm this but it sounds about right). Whether you are in it for the game, the commercials ($3.5 million is the cost for a 30 second ad!) or just for the party, you will still have to decide, “What do I wear to a Super Bowl party?”

The easy answer is to run out and purchase over-priced, licensed apparel featuring a team you will only support on this single day since, chances are, your favorite team is not one of the final two. This is not an option for me this year (sigh …) but it’s no reason to abandon the theme of the day. Let’s use what we already have to celebrate in style!

Professional sports teams have official colors (yay!). The New York Giants have dedicated dark blue, red, white and gray as their palette. The New England Patriots claim Nautical Blue, red, New Century Silver and white. This information is from a site called ColorWerx and I have no idea why New England is so specific with their hues. In any case, we can attend any Super Bowl function stylishly, yet non-committal-ly since the palettes are basically the same!

Jeans (blue, white or even red) will be an easy foundation. Add a festive red sweater or silver sparkle top with a red scarf. I combed through my closet and found my 4 potential Super Bowl looks for this year.  It was easy and fun! So don’t rush out and waste your money on yet another team t-shirt, shop your closet and goooooooo team!

                                                                                                          We did say SUPER, right?

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