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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Sandals in the Air!

I was feeling a little blue yesterday and found myself in DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). Old habits die hard. I don't need any shoes at the moment but the pull is magnetic. And it's no wonder! The spring sandals are in ! The spring sandals are in! Here's just a sampling of what I found:
So beautiful! Each and every pair whispered, "Pick me!" or "Try me on!" or "I'll make you look sooo good!"
So here was the test: I was feeling a little down, spring sandals were calling me and I was sick and tired of being cold. Would post-Bye-Buy me stay strong or would I relapse?
Then I saw these:

See that price tag? 80% off $69.94. Crack. Could I resist? I tried them on and they fit perfectly! Comfortable, supportive. The brand: Tahari. These were good sandals. I went to the mirror. Were the front straps a little too wide? Probably not. The ankle strap was nice. But the front straps ...
Yes- the front straps were too wide. They looked just clunky enough that they were not exactly right for me, even at 80% off!

Success! Wooo! The new me is staying strong! Now, for a reward ... one of the other pairs of sandals?

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