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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target: I Tried It On!

Target is featuring a limited time fashion collaboration with designer Prabal Gurung. You've probably heard this as the buzz has been at full volume for weeks now. Even Good Morning America featured it as a "news" segment. I probably couldn't pick out a Prabal Gurung dress in a line-up, but his fans include Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama so I was definitely intrigued. My personal reviews of Target designer collaborations in the past are mixed. They must sell well because Target has continued the practice.

Looking back at the Bye Buy year, one of my big fears was that Target would collaborate with a fabulous designer and all of the pieces would be perfect for me. And I wouldn't have been able to buy them. The challenge year is complete so I dashed over to Target to check it out. Well, I went under the guise of buying cat food but who am I kidding? I wanted to see the goods.

My first clue that all was not fab--everything was in stock. When Target featured a Missoni collection in 2011, demand crashed the Target website and the stores quickly sold out of everything except sizes XS and XXL. My size was there in each and every Prabal Gurung style. Hmmmm ... Maybe I was just early. I selected the following items:

My agreement with myself dictates that I try things on in the store before buying. The Target fitting room is not my favorite place but a deal is a deal. With an open mind, and genuinely hoping that a designer label would be included in my spring wardrobe, I tried each piece.
Here's what I found:
Red Sandals: The style is pretty. I found them to run narrow. If you look closely, the stitching gives a cheap appearance. I would love red sandals but know I wouldn't wear these.
Long sleeved tee: I love the print that runs through this collection. The vivid florals really catch my eye. The tee fit well with appropriate length in the body and the sleeves. As you can see, the eye is drawn to the top which is nice, but the vast white area at the bottom left me looking thick(er) through the middle. I sure don't need that.
Lime Dress: The quality of this dress was nice but the sizing ran small and short. The style is suited to someone younger than myself.
Black Dress w/ Floral Inset: This was the one I really wanted to work. It's figure flattering, not too young and gives a flirty spring vibe. At $39.99, I was really ready to say Yes! to this dress. Alas, this too ran small and short. I was super bummed. 
All-Floral Dress: In real life, this is like a t-shirt dress with a ruffle hem. It's pretty but better suited to someone with a narrow figure.

For the price, the quality was good and the styles were an upgrade to typical Target. As I have learned the very hard way, it's only really good if it is really right for me. Sadly, these were not right for me. No lovely floral designer dresses in my spring wardrobe so far. I left Target deflated and feeling old. I even forgot to grab the cat food. 

There will probable never be a perfect Target/designer collaboration for me, but I'll keep an open mind. Hey Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenburg and Anya from Project Runway, why don't you talk with Target? I would definitely get in line.

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