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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Re-entry Into the World of Buying

Now that I am back into the retail world, free of the restraints of my self-imposed Bye Buy challenge, I am finding out just how difficult restraint can be. Under the Bye Buy rules, I could buy nothing so it was easy. There was no decision other than to remain true to the challenge. I have given myself the month of January to replace some things and supplement my wardrobe to make it more effective for my lifestyle. So why did I walk around the store with a pair of chartreuse, ankle-length, wool trousers--afraid to try them on but still wanting to buy them?

Better question:  Why am I walking around a department store? The perils of re-entry.

When I am home, it's easy to dress for my lifestyle. It's real. I've decided that if I am working from home and going to the gym later, I'll just wear my exercise clothes all day. If I have an appointment or meeting, I have some great outfits that I love to wear. I've pared down and organized my closet very effectively.

When I walk into a store, though, it is like I have entered a fantasy world. A world in which I stroll around in wild-colored ankle trousers with fabulous statement shoes. I am thin and beautiful in this world. I surprise and delight myself and others with my innovative outfit choices. I don't think I actually work in this world, except to critique fashion. I probably lunch at lovely restaurants in this world with stylish and interesting friends. My fantasy world probably looks like images in the many, many magazines I used to subscribe to. Sadly, this world does not exist.

Pre-Bye Buy, I bought the things I found in fantasy world and they remained in my real-world closet, mostly unworn. In my head, I know better now. I can distinguish between real life and fantasy. I know to buy well-fitting, quality clothing that works with the rest of my wardrobe. As the post-Bye Buy weeks pass, slowly but surely, my real life remains in focus and I am embracing it with gusto. I still like those pants, though.

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