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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Look Thinner at the Beach or Pool

After a week at a lovely resort and a lot of observing, I have determined that there are three keys to looking thinner at the beach or pool.
1. Take the time to find the right swimsuit. For you. Not what a magazine says is right. Not what a sales clerk says is right. My comfortable suit was skimpier than I had planned because large swatches of fabric emphasize the large areas covered. It's true!!!  And DON'T look at size tags. Very often, your swimsuit size is at least a size larger than normal. It takes a lot of trying on and being open minded. Hopefully in a decent fitting room. But a comfortable, well-fitting suit is worth it's weight in gold.
2. My two fav accessories: a great cover up like a wrap or sarong in a tropical print, and lipstick. Yes, lipstick. It will protect your delicate lips from the sun and emphasize the final key-
3. SMILE. Observing the crowd at the pool was very interesting. Even the women with the most incredible figures looked uncomfortable and even stressed. Here is the truth of the matter: there is a very, very good chance you have neither the best, nor the worst figure at the pool. So just enjoy. Smile.

Here is the swimsuit I chose:
The brand is Bleu by Rod Beattie. It cost $136 (much more than I usually spend) and I bought it from Everything But Water. It is well made with good fabric and didn't creep. I did not look like the gal in the picture but I felt pretty great. In fact, I will be returning suit number two because I realized that if you have a great suit, you may only need one. 

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