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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gym Rat

Day 274

My husband and I joined the local athletic club recently and so I am now an official "Gym Rat" (and by gym rat, I mean I figured out how to use the keycard in the lockers.) We haven't belonged to a gym for years, instead working out at home, running outside and attending group fitness classes through Community Ed. Since our kids are mostly moved out, and we need to work harder to stay in shape, we thought we'd try a gym again. Admittedly, we signed up on a Saturday and it was a full week before we set foot in the door again.

Why? I'm too fat for a gym. I don't have the right workout clothes. And, I am not sure what to do once we are there. A gym, especially our fancy-ish gym, can be intimidating! Finally, my husband and I dragged ourselves in on a Sunday evening when the place was nearly empty. I purposely wore my worst workout clothes, as if to scream, "I'm here. I'm not fashionable or fit. Deal with it." We walked around for a half hour looking at the equipment and avoiding all mirrors (there are SO many mirrors!) Surprisingly, the people there looked pretty much like us. I tried a few kinds of equipment, looking around to see if anyone was laughing. Trying to shield the part of the machine where I adjust it to the very lowest wight possible. Trying to look inconspicuous as I studied the diagram over and over again. But no one paid any attention to me. Day one complete: bring on the fitness!

For the real test, we came in at 7pm on a weekday. Surely the super-athletes work out at 7pm on weekdays. I made a bit more effort with my outfit. It was busier, but still, people seemed to be pretty wrapped up in their own workout. And they are not all fitness models. Just a bunch of real people, like us, trying to stay fit. Mission accomplished, workout complete.

I think I can call us "regulars" now. It's fun to go together, try different equipment and get out of the house as the days get shorter. I have taken the burden of looking fashionable out of my workout. The focus is fun and fitness with my husband. A little lipstick doesn't hurt, though!

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