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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 282

Spring has earned the honor of being clean-up time but in fall, it's time to put things to sleep. We spent the weekend in the yard replanting a few things, trimming and moving the many and various pots to their winter storage location. I cut down my precious perennials and gave them a warm blanket of mulch to keep they snug and warm this upcoming cold season (sort of like giving your best leather boots a good shining before storing them for the summer).

I also took the time to evaluate my gardening efforts for the year. Looking back, my garden was much like my previous wardrobe, more style than substance. More statement pieces, less investment essentials. Nice pops of design surprise, more carcasses of plants that I failed to understand. Not surprising, that seems to be my M.O. I am making progress, though. I am choosing to look at the whole picture and determine how my garden will be more successful next year. Like my wardrobe, there were some definite "hits." My tomatoes were gorgeous and I learned some excellent tricks with fresh herbs. I also learned that I am the only person in Michigan who can't grow a zucchini, I can't keep cilantro alive and I have no clue what to do with lemongrass.  Understanding what is wonderful about me and accepting my limitations, both core elements of moving forward in my quest of a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle. And a more fulfilling garden.

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