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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Week Away

Day 299

For the first time in this year-long challenge I was away for an entire week. I was at the mercy of the contents of my single, less than 50 lbs., suitcase filled with clothes. In years past, I attacked this challenge with gusto, carefully mixing and matching, planning for any and all wardrobe situations. I started with my own closet but invariably purchased several pieces to complete the mission. 

I put off packing for this trip knowing that there would be no adding to my wardrobe. 7 days, occasions ranging from business sessions to dinners out and unsure about the climate. I was not excited about packing. I made my husband promise that if my suitcase weighed in over 50 lbs., he would give up space in his suitcase for my overflow. As I eventually did pack, panic set in. Nothing matched. Some things did not fit. Panic elevated to frenzy and I began dumping everything in my suitcase. When the 50 lb. airline limit was exceeded, I glumly started editing my choices. I finally stopped, not at the satisfaction of my choices, but at a passable weight limit. 

Once again, I find my wardrobe is lacking quality staples. I found 8 sequinned, shimmering or sparkling tops but not one nice dinner top. I have shoes in orange, pink, cream, leopard, purple print, fuchsia, red, silver, gold and grey. I struggled to find a simple black pair that would match my evening clothes. A reminder that going forward, past this no-buy year, I have to more effort into creating a wardrobe, not a haphazard closet filled with impulse buys. 

As it turned out, I looked pretty good most of the time. It was warmer than I thought and I was forced to wear my same old, ill-fitting, stretched out bathing suits again. But, and very important, I was in a lovely place in which I was fortunate enough to wear a bathing suit in October. Enjoyed lovely dinners. Spent lots of quality time with my husband. I find I get so bogged down in wardrobe misery  I almost forget to enjoy what's right in front on me. Lesson learned, or close.

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