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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Warm Cookie

Day 341

I was perusing the frozen foods department at Sam's Club when a lady with a table spread with samples offered me a freshly baked cookie. It was still warm. Of course I took it, and savored it. No matter that I am trying desperately to keep weight off. No matter that I work out as hard as I can and spend much time and energy preparing and cooking nutritious, preservative-free meals. No matter that we have a vacation coming up in which a swimsuit will be almost required. She offered me a cookie, I graciously accepted, and enjoyed every crumb of it. I am bad.

This is why I had to implement an addendum to no-buy rules. If someone gives me a gift of clothing shoes or accessories, I can not use it this year. I have a bag full of items gifted to me. In some cases, the gift-giver didn't know or remember my challenge. In some cases, they misunderstood my rules. And, I've had a few instances in which well-meaning friends or family members tried to find loopholes for me. It would have been easier to simply accept graciously, as I did the cookie. But as a cookie offered still has the same calorie count as a cookie sought out, wearing a gifted t-shirt would be the same as buying one myself. 

I have almost forgotten on several occasions. I slipped and wore a jacket given out at a golf outing. I have actually plucked a garment from a rack and headed to a cash register before coming to my senses. My son has had to remind me, I can't buy his shoes. It has taken willpower and determination. Keeping the end goal in mind, I battled through.

When offered a cookie, I don't think I forgot I was watching my weight. I just wanted the cookie. Temptation to buy unneeded clothes clothes will be there come January 1. I sincerely hope I do a better job with the clothes than I did with the cookie. Hmmm ... Bye Buy Cookie?

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