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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Line Forming at Best Buy

Day 324

Today is Monday, November 19. This is the front of a Best Buy store at 11a.m. today. People are already camping out for Black Friday. 

I thought I was finished discussing Black Friday but I had to share this. A few days ago I posted my Best Buy Black Friday nightmare. This scene shocked even me!

I wonder what great deal these people are waiting for. I didn't stop to ask. What I should've done is asked if any of them have heard of If you have subscribed to then you were sent an update about Amazon. All this week they are offering "Lightning Deals" on many items, particularly, items featured as doorbusters by stores like Best Buy. It's true! Today I purchased a gift that was a special Black Friday Best Buy Deal and it was the exact same model and price. I got free shipping. I am not in a tent.
If you try for Lightning Deals, note that you can view the upcoming deals. If you see one you like, set a timer to the sale time posted. It is very accurate. Then, once the sale begins, click and add to your cart. You will have 15 minutes to check out. You may have to check Amazon periodically, but again, you won't have to be in a tent. 

I am a die-hard Black Friday fan and even to me, this is crazy!


  1. I would like to shop at Best Buy but I am handicapped and they don't have any handicap electric carts for their huge stores. They sometimes have a wheelchair and a young sales person pushes you around the store and asking if your done yet. They won't take you through the check out either as they are late for their break.

    1. That's just sad. Shopping at Best Buy should not be considered a privilege!As the large stores consolidate, we are left with fewer choices. Remember Circuit City?