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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Joy of Unsubscribing

How many of your daily emails are advertisements? I get lots. I have gotten into a habit of opening my email in the morning, checking off 15 or so selections and sending them to the trash. Unless something catches my eye ...

Bealls of Florida is having a 50% off sale? Costco has a special offer JUST for me? There is a limited time to (fill in the blank). These emails come to me because I have either consciously asked for them or I didn't ask not to receive them when making an online purchase. I have found that many stores, like Kohls, ask for your email address at the register now. What these advertisements are is another form of temptation. I buy so much less than I used to but I am not yet immune to temptation. Certain images go right past my brain into my deep, deep psyche and send out shock waves of desire. I can look like Beyonce in that dress from H&M for just $19.95? 

Today, I decided to feel the joy of the unsubscribe. So far, I have said hasta la vista to Costco. Adios H&M. So long, Groupon. Ciao Southwest Airlines. Later, Kohls. My inbox will be light as a feather. I feel lighter already.

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